Night Guards

Do you wake up with a sore, tired jaw? Do you suffer from frequent tension headaches and migraines? If so, you may suffer from a condition known as bruxism, or teeth grinding and clenching. Teeth grinding in Kenedy, Texas, can also cause symptoms such as:

  • Extreme tooth wear, exposing the inner layers of the tooth
  • Indentations on the side of the tongue
  • Facial pain
  • Ear pain and ringing in the ears
  • Tooth damage, including chipped, cracked, very worn, or flattened teeth

Some people consciously grind and clench their teeth during the day; however, many people who suffer from bruxism are unaware that they clench their teeth because they do so at night while they sleep. Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching can result in serious pain and tooth damage. To relieve these symptoms and protect your teeth, our dentist offers night guards. A night guard is a custom mouth guard that you wear only at night while you sleep. This provides a barrier between the teeth, preventing them from clenching and grinding together. Dr. Robert E. Fletcher DMD FICOI will make certain that your custom night guard fits comfortably and effectively so you can sleep peacefully through the night while protecting your teeth. If you believe that you may suffer from bruxism, please contact us today at Kenedy Family Dental. We are dedicated to protecting your smile and helping you maintain good dental health.

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